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Published: 2022-03-18

Department of Advanced Medicine, President of CellSonic Limited,UK

Journal of Medicine and Cardiovascular Research

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How to HaltCancer©


  • Andrew Hague Department of Advanced Medicine, President of CellSonic Limited,UK


CellSonic Medical, CellSonic


The rules for the procedure to stop cancer are the same as those for repairing a puncture of a bicycle tyre. To make it easy for everyone to understand, this article will take you step by step through repairing a puncture and reversing cancer. The procedures are entirely different but the rules are the same

There is a problem

When the tyre is flat, the problem is obvious. When a person has a pain, it may be cancer or it may be something else. You have to find out what has happened and that requires the right tools. To get the tyre off the rim to get to the inner tube, you need tyre levers, not spoons, screw drivers or your fingers. This is the first rule:

Get the right tool for the job.

CellSonic has an easy way to diagnose cancer and every user is told about this when they buy a machine. To CellSonic, all cancers are the same. They all have a low voltage. It does not matter where they are in the body. The CellSonic pulses penetrate. Oncologists use less effective ways to diagnose cancer such as a circulating tumour cell test which analyses the blood but does not show where the tumour is, just that it is somewhere in the body. Scans produce pictures which locate tumours but only when the cluster of cells is big enough to show in a picture.

The CellSonic clinic checks a patient from head to toe regardless of where the patient says they have cancer. There are always more places to which the cancer cells have migrated and all places have to be found and stopped. The same applies to the inner tube. Check if there are more holes, not just the first one you found. If you are in the workshop, get a basin of water and immerse the inflated inner tube to see where bubbles of air are emerging. If you are out on the road, maybe there is a puddle or a stream into which you can dunk the inner tube. It always helps to have the right tool for the job.

Therefore, the right tool for cancer is a CellSonic VIPP machine. VIPP means very intense pressure pulse. It emits three forces: pressure, light and an electrical field like a hand-held thunderstorm.

Best to remove the wheel from the bicycle. Lifting the tyre off the bicycle rim is easy with tyre levers and almost impossible without. Be careful with the valve and take out the inner tube. Now find the leak. Pump the tyre up and listen for any hissing to reveal the hole or hold it against your cheek to feel the blow of air. Having found the hole, clean it with fine emery cloth and apply rubber solution.

This is the second rule:

Everything has to work 100% every time.

If the rubber solution does not work, the patch will not stick. If what you are going to do for cancer does not work, the cancer will not be stopped. Most oncologists will use chemotherapy. It has a success rate of 2.5%. Ask the doctor and if they don’t know, insist that they find out. A failure rate of 93% is total failure. If the rubber solution failed, the puncture will never be repaired. You don’t have enough patches or the time to be stranded at the road side. Using chemotherapy is as stupid as trying to repair a puncture with oil.

If the bicycle chain squeaks, apply oil, essential on machinery and worse than useless on a puncture; it can rot the tyre and can be fatal on the rims to stop the breaks squealing. Adjust the brake blocks. Likewise, chemotherapy has many side effects, most cancer patients say it is worse than the cancer itself. Ask the doctor why they use chemotherapy and they will say that it is standard procedure. Persist in questioning and you will learn about the biggest scam in history. Equally as bad is nuclear radiation used to target cancer cells but usually misses and causes cancer.

CellSonic aimed at the cancer cells stops the cancer being cancer during the treatment. The sensor is held in place and when it indicates that the voltage has risen to 75 millivolts, the cells are benign. We have had a case where a thyroid tumour on the throat shifted from malignant to benign with 41 pulses of the CellSonic machine. Zapping at 4 a second, it took ten seconds to make the lady’s cancer benign. I spoke to her a few days ago and she had been for scans which reported all benign. They could see that there had been cancer and now it was all gone.

Compare that with chemo and radiation and there is no contest. The right tool for the job that works every time. No one leaves a CellSonic clinic with cancer. It is checked during the treatment.

Rule number three:

No side effects.

The CellSonic technology has a lot in common with lithotripsy, a technique of biophysics that has aimed very powerful pulses into millions of kidneys in many countries for forty years without side effects. This was the biggest safety study in medical history.

With cancer, there absolutely must be no side effects. The patient is seriously weakened by their immune system struggling to eradicate mutant cells and it makes no sense to weaken them further with a lethal poison of chemotherapy. I cannot understand why this poison is used in medicine. It has no benefits.It is mustard gas, banned in warfare. Doctors inject it into patients with the lie that it is a cure for cancer.

With a puncture, your hands will get dirty and this is an unfortunate side effect. Some cyclistskeep disposable gloves with their puncture outfit to protect their hands but I never bother.

Leave the rubber solution to dry, at least five minutes. Never put a patch on when the solution is still wet. It was easier with natural rubber inner tubes on which the rubber solution worked without fail. Synthetic butyl tubes are tricky. Clean the area properly with emery cloth and let the solution dry thoroughly. Press the patch on firmly. You have repaired the puncture. Are you now ready to put the tube back in the tyre?


Rule number four.

Find the cause of the problem.

Carefully run a finger around the inside of the tyre to feel for something that punctured the tube. It may well be a thorn still sticking through the tyre. Don’t let it cut your finger. These days, there is less broken glass in the road but if you ride on roads with hedges alongside, the hedge trimmers will scatter thorns in the road. If you see the debris, get off and walk. More about avoiding the problem comes later in this article.

CellSonic has stopped the cancer in the patient. Is the patient healed? Assume no. What caused the cancer? You have to find the cause in order to stop it coming back again. If you don’t find it, almost certainly it will still be there.

How does cancer happen? It happens every day and is stopped every night. Our bodies are made of billions of cells that replicate on average every six weeks. New cells are formed as exact copies of the original cell. Statistically, with billions doing this during daytime, some will not be exact copies. They will be different and are called mutations. That is why we need an immune system so that we can repair ourselves automatically at night when we are asleep. Next morning we awake clean and the process starts again. That is why it is essential to keep the immune system in good order.

A person with cancer will have had it for ten to fifteen years and only when the lumps, the tumours, have grown big enough to hurt does the person seek help. What happened years ago to prevent the immune system intercepting the cancer cells and killing them? That is what you have to find out. It is as essential as finding the thorn still protruding through the tyre. Just as putting the inner tube back in the tyre would have caused the tyre to go down within a mile, so will the ex-cancer patient succumb to cancer again if their immune system weakness is not found and helped.

They may have been chain smokers. Perhaps they worked with chemicals. Why were they addicted to tobacco? Did they not have protective clothing in the chemical factory? Did they think they were invincible? What caused the stress?

As I learn more about cancer, I find that in almost every case there was stress. The causes of stress are many. It is not the same as a challenge. Long distance cycling and daring mountaineering are challenges and in many ways the antidote to stress. Usually stress comes from relationships, people to people.

Does an oncologist open a conversation with the patient to see whether the stress persists? Hardly ever. If a trained oncologist learned anything about psychological trauma, they were not taught at medical school. They will have understood it from their own observations. Most of them would say that what happened years ago is none one their business. They have applied the standard treatment and if the patient has not responded at least they complied with the legally approved procedure and have no liability for the death of the patient which occurs in 97% of cases.

A CellSonic therapist will listen. The patient will always talk. They want to. They are opening their mind. If they will not, their immune system remains switched off.

Many CellSonic machines are now being bought by ex-patients, people who have reversed their cancer. By their own experience they know what the machines can do. They have not sought medical papers ordemanded random controlled clinical trials seeking to find the side effects. They know that CellSonic is utterly safe and want to help friends and relatives and can also see a way forward for themselves with a CellSonic clinic to give them independence. And there’s the clue. In many cases, a fresh start means leaving whoever caused them stress, doing good and being independent. Just as the bike tyre is ready to ride, so is the patient ready to face the world again safe in the knowledge that what attacked them years back is not going to hurt them ever again.

Which gives us rule number five:

Avoid the problem.

Get off the bike and walk when the road is strewn with hedge cuttings. Some racing cyclists would run carrying the bike.

A sensitive person will avoid toxic people. Interestingly, highly intelligent people tend to be sensitive. Introverts are more at risk than extroverts. They have to learn about themselves. If this means forming a new opinion of their parents and siblings, then so be it. The stresses their parents had are not wanted by their children. New relationships will form. No one is an island. Everybody relates to others. Be kind and others will be kind to you. The mind controls the body and controlling the mind is the way to health. The road ahead is clean and you will not have a puncture.

The rules:

Get the right tool for the job.

Everything has to work 100% every time.

No side effects.

Find the cause of the problem.

Avoid the problem.

Professor Hague has cycled seriously and regularly for over seventy years. He has repaired punctures in all conditions including one freezing, moonless night in the middle of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco with only the light of stars. He discovered how to reverse cancer in 2016 since when thousands of patients have been saved.

Cycling is his medicine and meditation


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